Our mission is to create business concern not only for business but for socio-economic development of the country. We are an extensively growing group of companies in Bangladesh.


Founded in 1992, as a pioneer in the field of manpower business, Hasan Group is a collaboration of different types of business. The group has expanded over last 10 years from a small proprietorship owned company to an ambitious business group driven by a visionary and farsighted entrepreneur Mr. Abdus Sobhan Bhuiyan. His philanthropy, honesty, sincerity and dedication fetched the groups existing tremendous achievements and rapid growth.

Since it’s inception, Hasan Group has worked towards extending various business in the marketplace guided by the ethical values embedded in the company philosophy. Our strategy is to create a group of companies, which is active in different types of business for change in the countries growth.

The founder of Hasan Group, Mr. Abdus Sobhan Bhuiyan, started his way with a quest for doing some contribution to the countries socio-economic development. Thus, the ultimate corporate self regulation integrated into Hasan Group’s business model. Hasan Group is equally concerned with the welfare of its employees.

Undoubtedly, it reflects passionate initiative & leadership role model by a private sector investor helping make better Bangladesh.